Repair Tools for FX Airguns

All airguns are going to experience a leak or need some repairs along the way. It is the nature of the air rifle. To make disassembly easier we have the tools to help in the most effective way. No with more airgun tool at your disposable to get the job done easier and faster and here we are listing our tools we use for FX Airguns.

FX Impact C1 Removal Tool

Quickly disassemble the FX Impact without damaging the valve rod by using the FX Impact C1 Removal Tool.

FX Airguns Valve Seat Installation Tool

This Delrin tool will help install your valve seat into any FX Airgun. It is made from Delrin as to not damage the sealing surface of your valve-seat while pressing the seat into place. 

FX AMP Regulator Piston Removal

Effortlessly remove and install your FX Airguns regulator piston with ease. Slip the tool on to the regulator piston, tighten the tool to lock in the piston, and pull the piston out of the action. The regulator piston will be reusable as the tool will not damage any part of the regulator when used correctly. 

FX Crown Plenum Plug

This tool was made for a single purpose, to remove the Plenum Plug (D18) on an FX Crown MK1 or MK2 without scratching the action. Prior service tool was a spanner wrench that would unfortunately scratch the action. We have solved this problem with the FX Crown Plenum Plug Removal Tool.

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