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Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner for FX Airguns

Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner for FX Airguns

Ernest Rowe
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Ernest has made another revolution for these already amazing FX Airguns! Introducing the Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner, a super-lightweight yet more sturdy replacement of your OEM shroud! Simply remove your OEM shroud, slide on the Barrel Tensioner, attach your favorite moderator or thread protector, and instantly have increase rigidity to your barrel! This is super important when using long barrels or heavy moderators that create dreaded barrel droop! 

YouTube Link for Installation:


**Note** These are NOT compatible with SuperLight barrel kits, such as Crown Fixed Shroud barrels and Dreamline Compact barrels. 

This product will not be available for the .35 caliber 800mm barrel. Also, it is not recommended for original SmoothTwist barrels that do not have a removable liner system.

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us.