FX Hybrid .35 cal slug for big bore pcp airguns

FX Hybrid Slugs | .35 Caliber (68.2gr) | 100ct

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FX Hybrid Slugs | .35 Caliber (68.2gr) | 100ct

The FX Hybrid is the ultimate airgun slug. The Hybrid's are know for their accuracy but the .35 cal FX Hybrids are on that next level. This is that big bore airgun ammo you have been wanting. The hollow point gives the FX Hybrid impressive expansion properties to allow that large dump of energy into what ever you aim at. 

FX Hybrid .35 cal Slugs Specifications

  • Caliber:  .35 cal
  • Ammo Type:  Slugs
  • Ammo Weight:  68.2 gr
  • Pellet Shape:  Hollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity:  100

FX IMPACT OWNERS: The FX Hybrid slugs will shoot lights out and carry large amounts of energy.

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