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Ernest Rowe Dual Transfer Port
Ernest Rowe Dual Transfer Port

Ernest Rowe Dual Transfer Port

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The "ER Port"

Another great from Airgun Master Ernest Rowe! The dual transfer port design has had years in design from Ernest, testing dozens of designs throughout the years. Ernest made a breakthrough with the center bridge design, and has truly made a wonderful product. There have been a few companies that copied his original design of the center bridge, but Ernest has worked tirelessly to make it even more efficient and customizable! Now, not only can you gain between 20-40 FPS on the high power side, you can now flip the barrel 180° and have a low power side! 

***ONLY FOR STX Barrels!***

Currently available in .22, .25 and .30 caliber.  

Optional Low power side is pre-drilled to allow the customer to "flip" the barrel over for a velocity change. 

Outer O-ring (10x2 Buna70) Installed. Caliber-specific Breech Seal (Buna material) Installed, extra Buna seal and extra Viton seal included. 

Breech Seal Sizes: 

.22 cal = 5.5x1.5mm

.25 cal = 6.1x1.3mm Viton / 6.4x1.3mm / 6.5x1.5mm (Recommended)

.30 cal = 7.5x1.5mm

Wildcat MK2 requires modification, so please select that option when ordering.