FX Wildcat SideView

FX Wildcat SideView

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FX Wildcat SideView

Safety is rule number one, always point your rifle/pistol in a safe direction. Your face and head are not a safe direction by any means. On the FX Wildcat rifle the air tube pressure gauge is located at the business end of the rifle, directly below the barrel. This location requires shooters to read the gauge with the barrel pointing in the direction of their face and head. In response to this safety concern, Black Arts Design created the SideView. The SideView allows a shooter to read their pressure gauge from a safe location to the side of the rifle. It allows a shooter to also read the air pressure gauge without completely breaking from an established shooting position. No need to remove the rifle from a rest or tripod. The shooter simply opens the cap on the SideView, angles it towards them, and reads the pressure via a reflection from the mirror under the cap.


  • TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane). The support housing is made from TPU allowing a slip fit, which holds well, and will not mar your rifle. The living hinge is also made from TPU due to its excellent elongation and toughness.
  • CF PETG (carbon fiber filled PETG). The Side View cap is made of CF PETG due to its resistance to heat, low shrinkage, and dimensional accuracy. CF PETG was selected for this part to provide a matte finish to reduce its reflective signature.


  • Allows a shooter to safely read the air pressure on their FX Wildcat rifle.
  • Allows a shooter to check their air pressure in the field without removing the rifle from a rest or tripod or having to completely break from an established shooting position.
  • Magnetic closure – An embedded neodymium magnetic provides enough holding force to keep the cap closed without creating a challenge to open
  • Can be operated with one hand and operated while wearing gloves.
  • Living Hinge – The hinge mechanism is made of flexible TPU which is a highly durable material. The living hinge design along with the embedded magnet allows the SideView to ‘self-close’.

Installation Instructions https://blackartsdesign.com/black-arts-design-sideview-install/

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