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Custom Tuning and Repairs

As the name of the company suggests, we specialize in the custom tuning and repairs of airguns, specifically FX Airguns. There are several power modification options for your FX Airguns, as well as general maintenance and repair options available. Listed below are some of the options, with pricing. 


If you are looking to have a Non-FX Airgun repaired, please reach out to us at 

If you are interested in any of these modifications or repairs, please reach out to 

Prices do not include or reflect the cost of shipping or taxes. 


Description Price of Service
FX Impact Power Plenum Kit $300 installed
"Ernest Rowe" External Plenum Kit $400 installed
Power Mod without Plenum Kit $100 + parts
FX M4 Pellet Probe Block $50

Dual Transfer Port Mod

(Brass Inlet and Pellet Probe)


"Ernest Rowe" FX Impact

Short-throw Cocking Lever

Scratch/Dent FX Airgun Stock Contact for Details
General Rifle Repair $50/hour + parts/o-rings
Rifle Reseal $50/hour + parts/o-rings
Trigger Repair/Tune $60 + parts

12 FPE / 20 FPE Tune

(Max 55 yds) 

$100 + ammo

Tune for a specific slug

(Max 125 yds)

$150 + cost of ammo

Tune for a specific pellet

(Max 50 yds) 

$100 + cost of ammo
Saber Tactical / DonnyFL / FX Accessory Add-On $25/hour + parts


If you do not see the type of repair or modification you are looking for, please reach out to to see if it is an available service!